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Intermediate Microeconomics

We start with the beloved supply and demand diagram and we delve into the individual decisions that create those curves. Then we explore different market structures and their consequences, discuss externality problems, and develop a framework for understanding choices under uncertainty. Throughout the course we use MobLab (a cloud-based experiment platform) to test the models we're developing.


Health Economics

The course provides an overview of the United States health care system and the role that economics plays in advancing our understanding of it. In particular, we examine the demand for healthcare, public and private health insurance, and discuss additional issues such as cost-benefit analysis, unhealthy behaviors, and illicit markets.


Economics of State and Local Government

This course aims to improve our understanding about the demand, supply, and finance of public goods in the context of state and local public services. The heart of the class is thinking about interjurisdictional competition and the organization of government. Other topics discussed include finance through user fees, intergovernmental grants, and state and local taxes.


Economics of the Family and Religion

This course combines two areas of economics that are traditionally the domain of sociology. The purpose of this course is to teach how basic economic principles can explain questions related to romance, marriage, children, and parenting as well as questions about church attendance, conversion, why strict churches are strong, and secularization. Yes, this is an economics course!

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