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Behavioral Economics
Journal Publications

"The Backward Hustle: An Experimental Investigation of Tax Code Notches and Labor Supply" (with John Gibson and Robert White) Forthcoming at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

“The Pay What You Want Business Model: Warm Glow Revenues and Endogenous Price Discrimination” (with Mark Isaac and John Lightle) Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Vol. 57, 215-222 (2015) 

“Killing the (Coordination) Moment: How Ambiguity Eliminates the Restart Effect in Voluntary Contributions Mechanism Experiments” Economics Letters Vol. 126 (January 2015)

“Experts with a conflict of interest: a source of ambiguity?” with R. Mark Isaac Vol. 15, 2 (June 2012) Experimental Economics

Book Chapters

“Passionate Providers and the Possibility of Public Commitment” (with Luke Boosey and Mark Isaac) (Forthcoming) THE WSPC (World Scientific Publishing Company) Reference of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy in the Era of Global Change [Tentative Title] Eds. Anabela Bothelo, Ariel Dinar, and Ligia Pinto. 

“Endogenous Production Technology in Public Goods Enterprises” with R. Mark Isaac in Research in Experimental Economics Volume 13: Charity with Choice (2010) Eds. R. Mark Isaac and Douglas A. Norton. Emerald Press.

Working Papers

"Cooperation, Contributor Types, and Control Questions" (with Luke Boosey, Mark Isaac, and Joseph Stinn)

Status: Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

"An Experimental Investigation of Warm Glow and Hidden Income" 

Status: Working on it!

Work in Progress


"An Experiment on the Role of Communication and Group Identity in Institutional Selection"

"Does Automatic Withholding Affect Attitudes on Taxes and Spending?"  

"Patriotism and Public Goods Provision" with Joseph Connors and Hugo Montesinos-Yufa